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An animal themed fancy dress party is an easy option in party planning, some might say. Others would complain that as a dress code, it’s far too broad a genre and potentially quite childish. But, hey –  what’s wrong with that??
There are so many innovative and different ways to host an animal themed party than you might at first think. Don’t just make it a straightforward animal party – make it a monkey-swinging, snake-infested jungle party, a Big Game rave up with lions and rhinos, or a farmyard gathering of sheep and cows. This narrows down your guests’ options – which many will appreciate – and gives you a few more ideas about how to cater and dress your event appropriately. Whatever you choose to do, we’ve got everything you need in store.


This is a great theme for children and grownups alike – and it’s guaranteed to get some laughs. Come as a chicken if you want to ruffle feathers, or check out our full body Shaun the Sheep costume which will delight adults and children alike with memories of our favourite animated duo, Wallace and Gromit. As well as this, we have a lovely pig jumpsuit costume, a cosy little number suitable for a summer evening, though perhaps not recommended for blazing sunny BBQs. More reserved guests can always dress as farmers or farmers’ wives – we recommend denim, dungarees, checked shirts and cowboy hats. Put on a barn dance, swing your partners, and decorate your ranch with comfy hay bales for seating. Extra hay and straw will decorate the floor area and soak up any spilt beverages, too. Feed your guests hearty farmyard fare like barbecued corn on the cobs, tankards of cider and BBQ food like burgers and chicken wings. Just don’t tell the animals!


We don’t quite have the Big Five here in store but three out of five ‘aint bad! We’ve got an elephant costume, a lion outfit – and, er, lots of sexy leopard print trousers ! We can’t help you with transforming into a buffalo or a rhinoceros, but poachers and safari folk should come in khaki gear and straw hats, and leave those firearms at home! Catering for this one is a doddle: it’s all about meat cooked over fire. Simple as that and the fresher the better. Set up a bonfire and serve cold tinnies out of the back of the Jeep. Failing that, a wheelbarrow filled with ice might set a similar atmosphere. Our Jungle Serving Trays make useful props for feeding guests. Keep a pack of face paints to hand for underdressed guests.
Have fun!

by Peter Walker

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