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The 1980s was a time of great social, economic, and cultural change…and a great era for pop music and (questionable) fashion!
Pop music and its stars really came into their own and the unique style of pop stars from Madonna to Michael Jackson to Wham! are still instantly recognisable today and make great inspiration for what to wear to an 80s fancy dress party. Add to this iconic 80s films and TV shows such as Ghostbusters, Desperately Seeking Susan, Miami Vice, and even hugely popular gameshow Bullseye and your 80s fancy dress options are huge!
80s pop idols
Let’s start with one of the most famous pop stars with the most-copied style – Madonna. She was sassy and sexy and exploded onto the pop scene in the 80s.
Madonna’s such a style chameleon that you can take your fancy dress pick. Do you want to be Madonna from her Like a Virgin era? A white Boy Toy costume has everything you need – sexy corset, short tutu, essential accessories including fingerless gloves, belt to cinch-in your waist and the obligatory 80s headband (don’t forget to crimp and scrunch your hair – or save on hair prep time with a wild child wig ).
Or recreate Madonna from Desperately Seeking Susan in a wild black and gold outfit . Lace leggings, twisted tutu, cropped jacket just like the one she and Rosanna Arquette wore in the movie, black lace-trimmed top, lace gloves and black bow headband evoke this classic movie and its 80s diva star perfectly.
Another classic 80s party look is that of the Karma Chameleon himself, Boy George. Create his unique style with a “Chameleon” hat , and a Boy George costume complete with braids, long waistcoat, outrageous oversized baggy shirt and trousers. Get the heavy eye make-up right and you’ll be a dead ringer for this icon of the New Romantic movement.
Wham!, headed of course by George Michael and his fabulous highlighted hair , are a great source of 80s fancy dress inspiration too. Choose the Club Tropicana phase and cover yourself in orange fake tan, whiten your teeth, throw on a neon t-shirt and obnoxiously patterned shorts and you’re ready to party by the pool with a pina colada.
Whatever 80s pop star you choose there are a few accessories you can’t do without if you’re looking for a star to emulate. Top off your look with a choice of wigs, from 80s pin-up  (think Bonnie Tyler) to a shaggy long black layered wig  (think the girls from Heart) to a George Michael highlighted ‘do  to a wild child wig  with echoes of The Bangles. Team with the right choice of essential 80s accessories including fingerless lace gloves , bright neon jewellery and legwarmers , and you can be whichever 80s pop star you want to be.
by Peter Walker

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