What to wear to a caveman party

Go back to our prehistoric roots, throw on an animal skin and draw on a monobrow for a caveman party! The style is more Flintstones than frightening fella with an axe, so think animal prints and weapons fakery and get down and dirty at your own caveman (and cavegirl) themed party.
Your hunter-gathering may now be confined to putting on a suit and jumping on the train to go to work every day, but in Neanderthal times it was a far more outdoorsy affair for which you needed the tools of the trade. Kit yourself out with an authentic-looking caveman club – it’s made of PVC, don’t worry, and it even squeaks when you whack your target. Or try an oversized inflatable club which can be used for some friendly caveman fighting fun.
You may not have the ripped physique of a true caveman – our cave-dwelling ancestors did spend their days running after their dinner instead of picking it up from the supermarket on the way home – but don’t let that put you off wearing a caveman costume that showcases your manly form. Real men come in all shapes and sizes – and if you get your caveman look  right no one will be looking at your paunch that most definitely doesn’t come from hunting all day in the woods.
No self-respecting caveman would dream of turning up to a prehistoric party without looking like they’d been dragged through a hedge backwards (which our Neanderthal forbears normally had). Pull on a caveman wig, which looks appropriately wild on both caveman and cavegirl heads. Suitably mussed-up and adorned with small animal bones left over from lunch, it adds an authentic touch to your caveperson’s costume.
Cavegirls may have lived hand-to-mouth in caves (obviously) but that’s no excuse to let yourself go. Accessorise your messy cavegirl hair with an animal print headband and bone and bead necklace, bracelet and earrings as part of your sexy cavegirl costume. Wilma Flintstone would have been proud to step out of her cave wearing off-the-shoulder attire like this; complete with animal print, ripped hems and belt.
Pick up some fake fur rugs and suede cloth to scatter around the floor and chairs, introduce some great caveman party games like “Pin the club on the caveman”, “Decorate your pet rock” and “Create your own cave painting”, add some rock (geddit?) music and your caveman party is ready to go!
by Peter Walker

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