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The popular ‘made for each other’ or ‘famous couples throughout history’ fancy dress theme needn’t be as soppy as you think: grab a friend or lover and get brainstorming. Yes, dressing up as Romeo and Juliet will look cute – as will guests arriving as Minnie and Mickey, John and Yoko, and Beyonce and Jay-Z. But don’t limit yourself to couples in the conventional sense. Alternative ‘made for each other’ options are tequila and lime, shoes and handbags or even fish and chips. Or perhaps you could go for an unconventional human coupling such as Kevin and Perry, David (Cameron) and Nick (Clegg), Eddie and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous… or just Patsy and a bottle of booze for that matter!
We have hundreds of superb full body fancy dress outfits in store and tons of them correspond with a partner outfit – here are a few of our favourites:
Why don’t you and your pal dress up as a big bottle of Tequila  and a zesty wedge of lime Lime ? Alternatively, we have a hilarious Mexican Amigo outfit (must be seen to be believed!) complete with mule, which would also complement the Tequila Bottle well.
We all know that Homer Simpson was ‘made for’ one thing only. No, not his long-suffering wife Marge – he lives and breathes for his Donuts! Either that or his favourite bottles of Duff Beer . Flip a coin to decide who gets to wear the donut outfit…
Seventies and eighties children will love our Scooby Doo outfits – especially good if you want to head to the party in a foursome. We’ve got a full body Scooby Doo outfit as well as hip and groovy outfits for Fred , Velma  and Shaggy .
If you fancy playing around with the ‘made for each other’ theme a little, then give your pals a giggle with these Toothbrush and Toothpaste  full body outfits. No fizzy pop or sweeties for you two, though!
Buck the trend for loved-up glamorous couplings and come as Andy and Lou from Little Britain! Andy’s costume includes a fat suit and you can find a wig, glasses and jacket to complete your Lou look to perfection. All together now: ‘I want that one!’
He’s everyone’s favourite extra-terrestrial, so check out our superb ET  costume. Grab some stonewashed denim, a bicycle with a front basket and a retro hoodie to complete your look for his best pal in the world, Elliott.
We’ve also got outfits for every era from the 20s right up to the 90s and the modern day, costumes for superheroes , animals and cartoon characters such as Where’s Wally and the Flintstones and much, much, MUCH more!
by Peter Walker

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