Putting together a children’s party can be a military style operation. There are invitations to be sent out, party food to be prepared, games to be organised and the prospect of keeping dozens of children entertained long enough to avert a major catastrophe. No parent wants to be the one whose party failed to light up the social calendar, but it’s also possible to throw a memorable party without breaking the bank.

Kids’ Party Ideas – Garden Party
When looking for children’s party ideas, look no further than your own children for inspiration. If your child is a boisterous kid who likes to be outside playing, then why not throw a garden party themed event. As long as you have a garden, and the weather is favourable, this is one of the easiest children’s party ideas to pull together. Send out personalised invitations with flowers or bugs on the card – these are easy to find in shops that specialise in children’s party supplies – and draw up a menu of picnic food favourites, including sandwiches, jelly, jugs of fruit punch and fairy cakes. If space and the budget allows, hire a bouncy castle. Organise party games such as musical statues – this works even better if somebody can play the guitar – or a three-legged or relay race to get all the kids involved. Give out sweets and party treats to the winning teams. Best of all, once the party is in full swing, the adults can sit back and let the kids play together on their own.

Kids’ Party Tips – Garden Party
When throwing a party for kids it’s always a good idea to have a timetable, as it gives the day plenty of structure. Start with a round of games before moving on to the food, and then have a second round of games before letting the kids play among themselves. This way there’s always something to keep them occupied.

Kids’ Party Ideas – Fancy Dress
Kids love to dress up, especially in the outfits worn by their favourite cartoon or superhero character. It’s often easy to make your own costume; alternatively, look for one in a shop that sells children’s party supplies. Choose the theme of the party to match the time of the year: Hallowe’en, Christmas, or a beach party theme in the summer months. Alternatively, choose a book or a film that your kid particularly likes, such as Harry Potter, and then build the theme around that – it could be a fancy dress party for witches, wizards, ghosts and ghouls – to allow everybody to think of something fun to wear to the party. Remember to state on the invitation that it’s a fancy dress party.

Kids’ Party Tips – Fancy Dress

Avoid awarding a prize for the best costume, as this can often make the losers feel left out. Instead, try awarding a range of prizes for ‘most colourful’, ‘most frightening’, ‘funniest’, or ‘best lookalike’, so that everybody gets a turn to shine.

by Peter Walker

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