Adding an inflatable to your party decoration or using one as a novelty costume accessory will add a lot of fun and instant laugher especially for over-sized designs like the Inflatable Parrot, Inflatable 67″ Yellow Banana and the Inflatable Zimmer Frame. All good fun.

Inflatables are also now common place at sporting events with Beach Balls being batted around the packed terraces and seated one of the most popular. It was probably fans of Manchester City F.C. fans in the late 1980s that started th craze of bringing inflatable objects to football matches. Their inflatable of choice were huge oversized yellow bananas.

We can understand the Inflatable Seagulls at Brighton and the Inflatable Fish at Grimsby but why did the Inflatable Banana become infamous with Manchester City?

The must just be mad-for-it at Man City as their match at Stoke City on Boxing Day in 1988 was even declared as a fancy dress party by the City Fanzines. And what a fun day out that turned out to be.

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