Very easy but great fun.
Blow lots and lots of bubbles into the air and let the children catch them, The more bubbles the better, so try and get help with this game otherwise you will be out of breath.

Feeling game
Collect about 10 boxes before the party, approx shoe box size, cut a hole in the top big enough to get your hand in, cover the boxes label or number them so you know which is which. Place a different object in each box.

Blindfold the players, get them to put their hand in the box one at a time and guess what they are feeling Example: tissue paper, hairbrush, toy car, pencil, small stone etc. The list can be endless, don’t go for anything too messy as the kids will only end up wiping their hands on their clothes.

The Okey Kokey
All the players stand in a circle and everyone sings the okey kokey.
Choosing different parts of the body as you go through the song.
During the chorus everyone holds hands and moves to the centre of the circle and back again.

Can be played as either team games or for individual players.

Cut out pictures from magazines, cut or tear into smaller pieces to form a jigsaw pattern, put each into a separate box and the team or player that completes the picture correctly first is the winner.

To make it a bit harder try putting 2 or 3 different pictures into the same box.

Keep the Balloon in the air
Give each child a round blown up balloon, write their name on the balloon to stop any arguments. Also give each child a piece of A4 paper.

All they have to do is keep their balloon in the air the longest, wafting it with the paper. The player whose balloon is the last to stay in the air is the winner.

Musical Bumps
All the players have to run, jump, skip, hop etc. whilst the music plays. When the music stops they have to sit on the floor as quickly as possible, the last one to sit down is out.

Continue until you have a winner.

Musical chairs
Line up alternate facing chairs, one less than the number of children playing.

The players move round the chairs while the music is playing.

When the music stops they have to sit down on a free chair, the player without a chair is out, take away one chair each time, repeat until you have 2 players and 1 chair the one to sit down first is the winner.

Closed eyes
With thick mittens on the hands try to guess what object you hold. Alternative play this game blindfolded.

Burst a balloon
The balloon is tied to the left leg of each of 2 players. The object of the game is to burst a rival’s balloon with the right leg.

Blue ball red ball
The teams which consist of the boys and girls get into the circle. The teams are at some distance from each other. The boys and the girls take their turns in the circle. The leader is in the centre of the circle.

They have 2 balls in the hands (a blue one and a red one). They throw the balls to the players and get them back. The girls may catch only the red ball, the boys only the blue one. The leader tries to confuse the players: he/she may throw 2 balls at once or pretend that he/she is going to throw the ball in one direction, while he/she is going to throw it in the opposite one.
The player that makes a mistake is out.

Fishing rod
The players get into a circle. The leader is in the center of the circle with “the fishing-rod” in his/her hands. “The fishing-rod” is a 3-4m long string with the sac full of sand attached to the end of it. Standing in the center of the circle the leader spins round “the fishing-rod”.

While gliding the floor the sac may touch the players’ feet. So their task is to jump up so the sac does not touch them. The player touched by the sac is out of the game.

Players are divided into pairs.

There are dresses and headscarves one of each for each pair on the chair. The player who is the first to dress (the doll) their partner by putting on the dress and scarf on his head is the winner.

Draw a cat
The blindfolded players must draw a cat. At first they draw the body, then the eyes, then stop and pause, and then draw the nose, then stop and pause, then draw the eyes etc it’s funny to see what you end up with.

Feed a friend
The players stand with their backs to each other. They hold fishing rods in their hands. To the strings of the fishing rods there attached the unwrapped bars of chocolate. The players’ task is to eat the bar from the other player’s fishing rod as soon as possible.

Turn the sleeves of 2 jackets inside out. Hang the jackets on the back of 2 chairs, put the chairs with their backs to each other about 4 feet away. Both of the players stand at their chairs.

On hearing the signal, they take their jackets off the chairs, turn the sleeves out, put them on and do up all the buttons. Then each “fireman” runs round the chair of the other and sits down. The first player to be seated is the winner.

Three legged race
Two players stand hand in hand. Their adjacent ankles are tied together. At the leader’s command they run to the agreed place and return back. The fastest pair wins this competition.

Ring-a-ring of roses
All the children stand in a circle and join hands, they then skip round in the circle singing “ring a ring a roses, a pocket full of posies, a tisshoo, a tisshoo, we all fall down”. The children then all sit down on the floor, singing ” the cows are in the meadow, eating buttercups, a tisshoo, a tisshoo, we all stand up”. The children all then stand up. Repeat as many times as required.

Pass the ball
Line up 2 equal teams of players all facing the same way. The one at the front holds the ball or balloon. On the word go the first passes the ball over their head to the player behind who then passes the ball between their legs to the player behind.

Continue over and between until you get to the last player, they then run to the front of the line and start again overhead and between legs. The winners are the team who gets their first player to the front first.

Pass the Balloon
Split the players in to 2 equal teams, the player at the front holds a blown up balloon under their chin, no hands allowed, they then have to pass the balloon to the next in their team so it’s under their chin, and so on down the line to the end, keeping the balloon under their chins as they pass it along. The first to the end is the winner, or last player to the front and repeat until the first player is at the start again.

Pin the tail on the donkey
Draw or paint a picture of the back of a donkey without the tail on a big piece of paper or card draw on a big “x” where the tail should be, also paint a separate tail that will be pinned on or use “blue tac”. Each guest is blindfolded in turn and lead to the donkey, spin them round 3 times, then they have to “pin the tail on the donkey”.

The one who has put their tail closest to the “x” is the winner. Either make different tails for each guest or mark the spot with their name.

Poker Faces
Divide the players in to 2 equal teams. Call the teams different names eg 1 and 2 or oranges and lemons. Play music, after a time switch off the music, shout out one team name, that team has to make the other team laugh, smile or move any part of their face, the players that are not “poker faces” are counted as one point each, the team with the lowest score at the end of the game are the winners. Repeat as many times as you want the game to last. Alternating the team names shouted out.

Save 5 or 6 large fizzy drinks bottles, to use as your skittles, wash them out, paint or cover them. Place the skittles at one end of the room or garden, either in a group or in a line, mark a start line, have 3 soft balls for the players to bowl towards the skittles. The player with the most skittles down is the winner, or give each skittle a different value and the one with the highest number of points is the winner.

Red Blue Pink
Red means fast, Blue means normal speed, Pink means slow. Choose different activities hopping, skipping, jumping, walking, dancing etc. Shout out the colours and activity.
Played to music, all the players move round while the music is playing, when the music stops the players have to stand like statues, anyone who moves is out, start the music again and repeat as many times as you want.

Cut up pieces of food, eg pears, grapes, banana, apple, carrot, chocolate, cheese etc. Blindfold all the players, ask each one to taste and say what it is. The one with the most correct is the winner. Please be aware if any of your guests have allergies to certain foods or drink.

Tug of War
Divide the players into 2 teams. Make sure that you tie a ribbon on the middle of the rope. Put 2 lines on the ground so the players stand behind the lines, pick up the rope and on the word GO the team that pulls the other team over their line is the winner.

Three blind mice
One person is the cat, the others stand in a circle round the cat, the cat puts their hands over their eyes and repeats “three blind mice, see how they run” as many times as they wish. When they stop and say “see how they run NOW” The mice run away and the cat tries to catch them, the one to be caught then becomes the cat.

Treasure Hunt
Can be played indoors or out. Can be tailored to a party theme. Hide different things or objects, the players have to either collect a set number or find a list of things, the first to complete is the winner. Objects can range from pieces of silver foil, chocolate coins, potatoes, pieces of a picture, hats gloves socks. This game can be played individually or in teams of players, but make sure that you have more than enough treasure so everyone can find something.

Tied in knots
Have everyone stand in a circle. Reach out with their left hand, and grasp someone’s hand. Reach out with the right hand, and grasp someone else’s hand. Each player must be holding hands with two different people. Challenge them to undo themselves into a circle.

Block tower
Have a pile of wood blocks and ask the children to sit around them. Then ask each child to add a block one at a time. The round is over when the tower collapses.

The Pinata is a great party game for your child’s birthday party. It is fun and very easy to use. Start filling the Pinata with some Pinata filler, Party bag favours or some sweets. Put a blindfold on the child and spin him around a let him try to hit the Pinata with the Pinata buster.

Children Love this game and even on a adult Party you will have a great laugh! When buying a Pinata get the Pinata Buster and Blindfold with it.

by Peter Walker

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