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The sign of a good party, in our humble opinion, is coming home wearing bits of it in your hair, down your top and in your ears. How much more joyful does a bride look on her wedding day with petals of confetti in her  hair or nestling in the folds of her dress? Confetti always equals celebration, and that’s not limited to weddings by any means.  Check out our range of quality foil party confetti for specific themes such as Hawaiian parties , black and white tie events, Hollywood parties , pirate parties and good old fashioned discos .
Envelope Stuffing
Set the party mood early on by sprinkling a little themed confetti into each of your invitation envelopes. Your guests will be surprised and delighted by a colourful flurry fluttering into their lap and will understand your chosen theme straight away. Kids and grown ups alike love a party bag , too! Along with a slice of cake and all the usual mementoes, toys and treats, a little shower of confetti will serve as a fun reminder of the day.
Table Decoration
With a limited budget or tight space, handfuls of bright confetti will give any party space an instant uplift and a hedonistic, celebratory atmosphere, so get free and easy with the confetti!  Our general rule is that confetti should go everywhere: sprinkle it over your tables and across your bar area, make little confetti haloes around your bowls of food and piles of cutlery, and dust liberally over mantelpieces and windowsills. Use your confetti to mark out a track to the bathroom or the kitchen and chuck a bagful on the doorstep to declare that the party starts HERE. A word of advice from us professional party people: make sure you delegate hovering duties to someone else!
Have you thought about you putting up a piñata in the garden for your little guests…or your grown up ones for that matter? Along with all the usual treats and goodies, empty a bag or two of confetti into the piñata shell to ensure a riot of colour and fun when it finally falls apart. This colourful explosion will look great in party pictures, too!
Our foil cut confetti can be used for arts and crafts, too. So if you’re a creative type, decorate your invitations with dancing cocktail glasses or nuggets of pirate treasure to set the tone as well as your expectations for your guests’ fancy dress efforts. If you’re feeling really crafty, you can stick confetti to plastic cups and plates as well as customising any party games or quizzes you might have planned.
by Peter Walker

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