Every four years the world of soccer brings together the finest players and best teams in Europe to compete against each other for the UEFA European Football Championship. All the matches can be seen live or recorded on television or listened to on the radio so there is no excuse for missing a match.

Whilst you may watch many of the matches with your family, when it comes to watching England play, isn’t that a good time to go that extra mile and arrange an England European Championship party for all your friends?

Where better to hold the party than in your own home. For obvious reasons the main focus should be your 32-inch flat screen TV.
Decorate the outside of your house with St. George Products, St George buntings and Union Jack flags. Inside you should display an England team picture, a British bulldog poster and a photo of Bobby Moore holding the World Cup aloft on that famous day in 1966. Blow up a number of St Georges Cross foil balloons and hang them around the house.

You will want plenty of food and drink for your guests to enjoy. A buffet or barbeque is ideal so that people can help themselves. Buy a football themed cake in view of the occasion. Use themed paper tableware such as St George’s cups, napkins and plates or Union Jack cups, plates and napkins. Cover the kitchen and dining tables with Union Jack tablecloths.
When the match is over the party can continue into the early hours as you lower the lights and get your guests dancing to some vibrant disco music. Make sure you have invited your neighbours and they won’t complain about the noise levels!

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by Peter Walker

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