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Throwing a casino party is the perfect excuse to invite your guests to come dressed up to the nines. If you can’t stretch to hiring out a real casino for the evening, there are plenty of things you can do to dress your own venue – whether it’s the local pub or your own home – as a glamorous casino setting. Add some glammed-up guests and classic casino games and you can gamble on your casino party being a great success.
As the host you’ll need to look like a high roller in a fun and flamboyant costume  to set you apart from your guests. . Invite them to come dressed in black tie – money attracts money! Your guests will need poker visors so leave a few around for people to help themselves.
The Queen of Hearts  can greet your guests as they arrive, and why not have a beautiful Lady Luck hostess roaming the room to add to the atmosphere? If your guests are feeling lucky they’re more likely to play for high stakes – even if they are just matchsticks or chocolate money!
You’ll need to select a few classic casino-style games for your guests to play. Roulette (you could hire a table from a hire shop or buy a small one), Blackjack, Pontoon, Poker, Craps…you don’t want your guests to be winning or losing real money hand over fist, so why not use Monopoly money or gold chocolate coins instead! Far less risky but much more fun than the real thing.
Dress your venue using “scene setters”, themed cut-outs that are designed to be applied to your walls to create an authentic scene for your venue. For example, a casino-themed scene setter comes with a sparkling casino themed picture on a roll (like wallpaper) that allows you to dress your walls ready for your casino party.
Casino sign cut-outs  point your guests to the Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and Craps tables. Add helium-filled balloons decorated with playing cards and dice, and hang 7 ft long casino string decorations in metallic foil consisting of the card suits and dollar signs from the ceiling or doorway at your venue to create a great effect for your guests’ arrival.
Glitzy playing card centrepieces will add a ritzy and authentic touch to your tables, and you can scatter playing card cut-outs on the tables, hang them from the ceiling or stick them to the walls.
A casino themed party is the perfect opportunity to create a glamorous evening where the emphasis is on fun and glamour, not losing your life savings on a bad hand!

by Peter Walker

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