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Bollywood makes a fabulous theme for a party. It’s got all the glamour, style, dance moves and fun-factor you need. With the right costume and a few choice Bollywood dance moves, it will be a night to remember!
Bollywood style is fun, glamorous and over-the-top. Bollywood is the largest film producer in India and one of the largest centres of film production in the world.
Bollywood is formally referred to as Hindi cinema, and now there is a growing presence of Indian English in dialogue and songs as well.
It’s no wonder that Bollywood is hugely popular in this country now too, and the opulent and energetic style of the films and its stars makes the perfect theme for a fancy dress party. There’s a great range of Bollywood styles, colours and accessories to choose from if you’re looking for a Bollywood fancy dress costume.
Indian kurta pyjamas for men in beautiful jewel colours, dazzling saris and salwar khameez for women make beautiful Bollywood fancy dress costumes.
Be a Bollywood leading lady in a vibrant orange tunic, richly embellished with scarlet jewels and golden trim, with three-quarter length silky trousers. Or opt for a bright pink and vivid turquoise costume , complete with tunic, trousers and contrast bejewelled trim.
Creating the style and presence of a Bollywood leading man is no problem with a striking Bollywood style costume for men . A long red tunic is enhanced with jewels and gilt thread, while silky long trousers in contrasting rich purple add a regal touch to your Bollywood fancy dress.
There are other stunning colour combinations to choose from for your Bollywood leading man costume  – a purple tunic with gorgeous gold trim and beading detail, or an eye-catching cobalt blue tunic , set off by red satin trousers. The perfect male Bollywood star fancy dress.
Becoming a Bollywood starlet is simple in an elegant Bollywood ladies costume . There are more attractive colour combinations available for these sari-style costumes, from vibrant orange and cerise pink , to dazzling purple and turquoise. Make sure you create an authentic Bollywood make-up look, with heavily-kholed eyes, a tiny jewelled bindi on your forehead, and vivid lipstick.
Add some banging Bollywood tunes, authentic Indian party snacks and some dancing shoes, and your Bollywood party is guaranteed to be a star-filled sensation!

by Peter Walker

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