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Bollywood fancy dress ideas | Party Connection

Bollywood makes a fabulous theme for a party. It’s got all the glamour, style, dance moves and fun-factor you need. With the right costume and a few choice Bollywood dance moves, it will be a night to remember!
Bollywood style is fun, glamorous and over-the-top. Bollywood is the largest film producer in India and one of the largest centres of film production in the world.
Bollywood is formally referred to as Hindi cinema, and now there is a growing presence of Indian English in dialogue and songs as well.
It’s no wonder that Bollywood is hugely popular in this country now too, and the opulent and energetic style of the films and its stars makes the perfect theme for a fancy dress party. There’s a great range of Bollywood styles, colours and accessories to choose from if you’re looking for a Bollywood fancy dress costume.
Indian kurta pyjamas for men in beautiful jewel colours, dazzling saris and salwar khameez for women make beautiful Bollywood fancy dress costumes.
Be a Bollywood leading lady in a vibrant orange tunic, richly embellished with scarlet jewels and golden trim, with three-quarter length silky trousers. Or opt for a bright pink and vivid turquoise costume , complete with tunic, trousers and contrast bejewelled trim.
Creating the style and presence of a Bollywood leading man is no problem with a striking Bollywood style costume for men . A long red tunic is enhanced with jewels and gilt thread, while silky long trousers in contrasting rich purple add a regal touch to your Bollywood fancy dress.
There are other stunning colour combinations to choose from for your Bollywood leading man costume  – a purple tunic with gorgeous gold trim and beading detail, or an eye-catching cobalt blue tunic , set off by red satin trousers. The perfect male Bollywood star fancy dress.
Becoming a Bollywood starlet is simple in an elegant Bollywood ladies costume . There are more attractive colour combinations available for these sari-style costumes, from vibrant orange and cerise pink , to dazzling purple and turquoise. Make sure you create an authentic Bollywood make-up look, with heavily-kholed eyes, a tiny jewelled bindi on your forehead, and vivid lipstick.
Add some banging Bollywood tunes, authentic Indian party snacks and some dancing shoes, and your Bollywood party is guaranteed to be a star-filled sensation!

by Peter Walker

‘Made for Each Other’ Fancy Dress Outfits | Party Connection

The popular ‘made for each other’ or ‘famous couples throughout history’ fancy dress theme needn’t be as soppy as you think: grab a friend or lover and get brainstorming. Yes, dressing up as Romeo and Juliet will look cute – as will guests arriving as Minnie and Mickey, John and Yoko, and Beyonce and Jay-Z. But don’t limit yourself to couples in the conventional sense. Alternative ‘made for each other’ options are tequila and lime, shoes and handbags or even fish and chips. Or perhaps you could go for an unconventional human coupling such as Kevin and Perry, David (Cameron) and Nick (Clegg), Eddie and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous… or just Patsy and a bottle of booze for that matter!
We have hundreds of superb full body fancy dress outfits in store and tons of them correspond with a partner outfit – here are a few of our favourites:
Why don’t you and your pal dress up as a big bottle of Tequila  and a zesty wedge of lime Lime ? Alternatively, we have a hilarious Mexican Amigo outfit (must be seen to be believed!) complete with mule, which would also complement the Tequila Bottle well.
We all know that Homer Simpson was ‘made for’ one thing only. No, not his long-suffering wife Marge – he lives and breathes for his Donuts! Either that or his favourite bottles of Duff Beer . Flip a coin to decide who gets to wear the donut outfit…
Seventies and eighties children will love our Scooby Doo outfits – especially good if you want to head to the party in a foursome. We’ve got a full body Scooby Doo outfit as well as hip and groovy outfits for Fred , Velma  and Shaggy .
If you fancy playing around with the ‘made for each other’ theme a little, then give your pals a giggle with these Toothbrush and Toothpaste  full body outfits. No fizzy pop or sweeties for you two, though!
Buck the trend for loved-up glamorous couplings and come as Andy and Lou from Little Britain! Andy’s costume includes a fat suit and you can find a wig, glasses and jacket to complete your Lou look to perfection. All together now: ‘I want that one!’
He’s everyone’s favourite extra-terrestrial, so check out our superb ET  costume. Grab some stonewashed denim, a bicycle with a front basket and a retro hoodie to complete your look for his best pal in the world, Elliott.
We’ve also got outfits for every era from the 20s right up to the 90s and the modern day, costumes for superheroes , animals and cartoon characters such as Where’s Wally and the Flintstones and much, much, MUCH more!
by Peter Walker

What to wear to an 80s pop party | Party Connection

The 1980s was a time of great social, economic, and cultural change…and a great era for pop music and (questionable) fashion!
Pop music and its stars really came into their own and the unique style of pop stars from Madonna to Michael Jackson to Wham! are still instantly recognisable today and make great inspiration for what to wear to an 80s fancy dress party. Add to this iconic 80s films and TV shows such as Ghostbusters, Desperately Seeking Susan, Miami Vice, and even hugely popular gameshow Bullseye and your 80s fancy dress options are huge!
80s pop idols
Let’s start with one of the most famous pop stars with the most-copied style – Madonna. She was sassy and sexy and exploded onto the pop scene in the 80s.
Madonna’s such a style chameleon that you can take your fancy dress pick. Do you want to be Madonna from her Like a Virgin era? A white Boy Toy costume has everything you need – sexy corset, short tutu, essential accessories including fingerless gloves, belt to cinch-in your waist and the obligatory 80s headband (don’t forget to crimp and scrunch your hair – or save on hair prep time with a wild child wig ).
Or recreate Madonna from Desperately Seeking Susan in a wild black and gold outfit . Lace leggings, twisted tutu, cropped jacket just like the one she and Rosanna Arquette wore in the movie, black lace-trimmed top, lace gloves and black bow headband evoke this classic movie and its 80s diva star perfectly.
Another classic 80s party look is that of the Karma Chameleon himself, Boy George. Create his unique style with a “Chameleon” hat , and a Boy George costume complete with braids, long waistcoat, outrageous oversized baggy shirt and trousers. Get the heavy eye make-up right and you’ll be a dead ringer for this icon of the New Romantic movement.
Wham!, headed of course by George Michael and his fabulous highlighted hair , are a great source of 80s fancy dress inspiration too. Choose the Club Tropicana phase and cover yourself in orange fake tan, whiten your teeth, throw on a neon t-shirt and obnoxiously patterned shorts and you’re ready to party by the pool with a pina colada.
Whatever 80s pop star you choose there are a few accessories you can’t do without if you’re looking for a star to emulate. Top off your look with a choice of wigs, from 80s pin-up  (think Bonnie Tyler) to a shaggy long black layered wig  (think the girls from Heart) to a George Michael highlighted ‘do  to a wild child wig  with echoes of The Bangles. Team with the right choice of essential 80s accessories including fingerless lace gloves , bright neon jewellery and legwarmers , and you can be whichever 80s pop star you want to be.
by Peter Walker

Four Ways To Use Confetti | Party Connection

The sign of a good party, in our humble opinion, is coming home wearing bits of it in your hair, down your top and in your ears. How much more joyful does a bride look on her wedding day with petals of confetti in her  hair or nestling in the folds of her dress? Confetti always equals celebration, and that’s not limited to weddings by any means.  Check out our range of quality foil party confetti for specific themes such as Hawaiian parties , black and white tie events, Hollywood parties , pirate parties and good old fashioned discos .
Envelope Stuffing
Set the party mood early on by sprinkling a little themed confetti into each of your invitation envelopes. Your guests will be surprised and delighted by a colourful flurry fluttering into their lap and will understand your chosen theme straight away. Kids and grown ups alike love a party bag , too! Along with a slice of cake and all the usual mementoes, toys and treats, a little shower of confetti will serve as a fun reminder of the day.
Table Decoration
With a limited budget or tight space, handfuls of bright confetti will give any party space an instant uplift and a hedonistic, celebratory atmosphere, so get free and easy with the confetti!  Our general rule is that confetti should go everywhere: sprinkle it over your tables and across your bar area, make little confetti haloes around your bowls of food and piles of cutlery, and dust liberally over mantelpieces and windowsills. Use your confetti to mark out a track to the bathroom or the kitchen and chuck a bagful on the doorstep to declare that the party starts HERE. A word of advice from us professional party people: make sure you delegate hovering duties to someone else!
Have you thought about you putting up a piñata in the garden for your little guests…or your grown up ones for that matter? Along with all the usual treats and goodies, empty a bag or two of confetti into the piñata shell to ensure a riot of colour and fun when it finally falls apart. This colourful explosion will look great in party pictures, too!
Our foil cut confetti can be used for arts and crafts, too. So if you’re a creative type, decorate your invitations with dancing cocktail glasses or nuggets of pirate treasure to set the tone as well as your expectations for your guests’ fancy dress efforts. If you’re feeling really crafty, you can stick confetti to plastic cups and plates as well as customising any party games or quizzes you might have planned.
by Peter Walker

1970s Fancy Dress Ideas | Party Connection

The 1970s was a time of big hair and even bigger flares. This iconic decade makes the ideal theme for a fabulous party. So dig out your lava lamps and glitter balls and get this 70s party started.
What to wear
Disco divas and dancing dudes
The Seventies was the disco decade. A long, layered blonde bouffant flick wig (a la Farrah Fawcett) or Dancing Queen wig (a la Abba’s Agnetha) is the perfect starting point for a disco diva look. Teamed it with a glitzy satin jumpsuit and a sparkly silver sequinned hat and freak out to Chic.
An outrageous afro wig or BeeGees wig creates a great 70s party look for men, teamed with an open-necked psychedelic print shirt stuffed with a curly chest wig (eeuw ladies) and a shiny gold medallion . Add a generous splash of Old Spice and some flares and you’re ready to swing your pants.
70s music icons
Channel the outrageous style of 70s rockers like Kiss and Alice Cooper in a Seventies rocker costume . Grab the attention of your fellow party guests in a crazy black and silver jumpsuit with tabard, cuffs and bootcovers.
Punk it up like Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten in a Mohican wig , punk specs , rubber spiked choker and bracelet  and punky tartan trousers  covered in zips with braces hanging down. Punk is all about stirring things up so add your own seriously bad attitude and turn the Sex Pistols up to 11.
Village People
This iconic band sums up the spirit of the 70s. Fun, outrageous, and more than a little bit silly. A Village People biker costume  comes complete with black leather-look jacket/top, chaps, biker hat and even the chain and harness. Or camp it up in a construction worker costume or cowboy outfit . Don’t forget that Seventies tash !
Young man, there’s no need to feel down in a Village People bike cop costume , which will have you sporting beige and black shirt and trousers, motorcycle helmet, belt and bootcovers.
You’ll look like you’re in the Navy, you’ve just come ashore and you’re looking for a party if you’re wearing a Village People Navy costume , camped right up in a white and navy top, trousers and authentic-looking sailor’s hat.
70s Psychedelia
Psychedelia lasted beyond the 60s to heavily influence fashion in the Seventies too. A psychedelia costume for women  has to be bold, bright, fringed and with outrageously flared trousers. Cover your own locks with a groovy wig and add some round specs  for a really retro hippy look.
A 70s wig and tash is the obligatory starting point for a hip dude, set off with a rainbow print tunic, flares and headband . A fake giant spliff is optional!
70s Cop
Somebody call the cops, there’s some serious crimes against fashion being committed at a 70s party near you. Your genuine 70s cop fancy dress kit needs a tight t-shirt, gun slung into an across-the-body holster, shades, big curly black wig, sexy (?) sideburns and tash. Why not throw on a goldie-looking medallion  for a big nod to the macho 70s male?
by Peter Walker

Afraid of Being Spied On? Hide Your True Identity at your Next Party with a New Superhero Costume | Party Connection

Afraid of being spied on? Ready to hide your true identity? In need of a place to lie low? Taking inspiration from the original man of steel, online fancy dress shop  Party Connection has a brand new range of super hero costumes in stock and ready to ship.
The trend for dressing up as superheroes is hitting new heights, quite literally this month, as fun loving party goers attempt to conceal their true identities with an inscrutable alter ego. Adding fuel to the fire is the recent release of the long-awaited new Superman flick, Man of Steel, an a glimpse of the man himself soaring through the sky in California earlier this month. Other recent hits such as The Avengers, Wolverine, The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man have also captured the attention and led to record fancy dress requests. In answer to this demand, fancy dress experts Party Connection have launched a bigger and better range of superhero fancy dress costumes, perfect for crime fighters  and anyone wanting to conceal their true identity at a party.
Peter Walker , owner of online fancy dress supplier Party Connection, says, “What could be more appropriate way to create a brand new identity that to take on that of a superhero?  We have a great selection of superhero costumes for men, women and children, and though we can’t guarantee they will grant superhuman powers, we can guarantee they will look great at any event.”
Whether donning the Man of Steel’s unforgettable skin-tight suit and assuming his superhuman strength, or slipping into Iron Man’s famous costume with an array of gadgetry at his disposal, anyone attending a fancy dress party this summer can take on a whole new identity. It might not bless the wearer with the power, strength, skill and ability to fly that most superheroes are blessed with, but it will ensure that whoever shows up in the costume will be the life and soul of the party.
Female superheroes cannot be forgotten, either. Wonderwoman has possibly one of the most iconic superhero outfits of all time, and the female alternatives to Batman and Superman provide instantly recognisable costumes that look great and fit perfectly. Couples can impress at a party by showing up as Mr and Mrs Incredible, showing off their strength and their flexibility respectively, whilst kids are not left out with Flash and Robin costumes available to complete an entirely family of superhuman figures.
To browse the full range of fancy dress costumes and to buy, visit
About Party Connection: Offering hundreds of fancy dress costumes to choose from, men, women and children can make an impact at their next fancy dress party with Party Connection.  Established in 2000, Party Connection is one of the largest suppliers of party goods in the UK. Its warehouse in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire stocks everything from the 50′s to the 80′s, Hollywood to Halloween.

Have a Hawaiian Party | Party Connection

Summer’s finally here – for now at least – so it’s time to seize the moment and break out the BBQ. And what better way to get in the summer holiday mood than by partying Hawaii style?
Stick on some chilled-out tunes from born and bred Hawaiian surf dude Jack Johnson and hang some of our vibrant Tiki, Tropical Bird and Pineapple Cut-outs on your garden fence for extra island ambience. Leave a couple of our cute coconut ukuleles propped up against the trees for your more musical friends to pick up and play as the night draws on – those lovely plinky plonky sounds are sure to help create a Caribbean paradise in your back garden…
Greet your guests with one of our gigantic greeting banners that proclaim either ‘Island Party’ or ‘Aloha’ in a bold bamboo font, and drop one of our Hawaiian Couple Stand-In Cut-outs in your shopping basket to ensure laughs from your guests as they pose for snaps with their faces in the holes. An alternative to this is out Hula Dancing Doorway Photo Cut-out for you to stick mug shots onto – a great idea for a surprise birthday party.
Our bright floral TikiIsland straws are a must for those rainbow-coloured island cocktails – pour your drinks into hollowed out coconut shells for a really authentic feel – and our Totally Tiki Table Skirts will give your tired garden furniture an instant Caribbean makeover. Scatter handfuls of palm tree table confetti and choose from our various palm tree table centrepieces (including our fabulous blow-up palm tree drinks cooler) and serve your nibbles on Tropical Jungle Serving Trays in the shape of giant palm leaves.
String a Palm Tree Garland between the trees, and don’t forget to grab a Hula Girl Piñata for the kids at your party (or the grown up kids!) and you’re good to go! Optional extras are hammocks, a paddling pool and a dusting of sand on the patio (available from all good DIY stores).
If you’re looking for costumes, you can call off the search now – you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got grass hula skirts in all colours for all shapes and sizes, and bagfuls of brightly coloured lei to adorn your guests with on arrival. Men – you can pick up a loud Hawaiian shirt here, too. Pair it with cut off chinos, board shorts or just a grass skirt if you’re feeling extra brave!
Have a great time from all of us at Party Connection!
by Peter Walker

What to wear to a 1960s party | Party Connection

The Swinging Sixties was an iconic time of rebellion, flower power, breakthrough music, and remarkable fashion. The 60s make the perfect theme for a party, embodying a time of fun, freedom and funky fashion!
If you’re throwing or going to a Sixties party, there’s a fabulous range of looks to choose from. From hippy chicks  and psychedelic dudes  to beehived beauties  to monochrome Mods  to the swinging look that inspired the Austin Powers movies, the 60s is a mine of fabulous dressing-up ideas guaranteed to get your 60s party vibe going.
To get in the Sixties Woodstock party mood, put some Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin on to set the scene while you’re getting ready. Guys, get on a long hippy wig , pull on some flower power printed bell-bottoms and a funky fringed vest and a peace sign necklace then tie a colourful scarf round your long locks and rock some hippy specs . Get in on the flower power action in a crazily-coloured tunic and flares , teamed with a tambourine and a jumbo “spliff”.  Peace man.
Hippy chicks can get their groove on with a psychedelic print hippy mini-dress , long white boots and a flowing hippy party wig  adorned with bright and colourful beads. Or go for loon pants, teamed with a multi-coloured floaty top , hippy headband and a CND necklace . Peace out in a bright hippy top and bell-bottoms adorned with flowers and peace signs and spend a blissed-out evening with your hippy friends.
Get the stylish and sophisticated Mod look with a bold, sexy mini-dress and baker boy hat , or a flirtatious metallic cutaway dress . Yeah baby!
Become a Sixties pop star by recreating the early days of the Beatles in a sharp suit, thin tie and bowl-cut style dark wig . You might even get some adoring fans dressed up like Mary Quant in monochrome mini-dresses  topped off with authentic looking beehive wigs  to scream as you pass the drinks…
Channel the late, great Jimi in a Purple Daze costume which rocks flared purple trousers, a psychedelic shirt and flamboyant feather boa in, you guessed it, vibrant purple.
Don’t forget the music – the 60s was a time of incredible tunes, with so many different styles vying for space in the charts and in the dance halls. Mix it up Sixties style with a playlist blend made of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Lulu, Hendrix, The Hollies, Fleetwood Mac, Petula Clark, Eric Clapton, Freddie and the Dreamers and Pink Floyd. There should be enough variation in there to get anyone swinging their pants!
by Peter Walker