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Party Themes

Parties are held for a variety of exciting reasons and it can be fun to add a slightly different element such as party themes or fancy dress themes to make the occasion memorable.

Whether the occasion is a birthday, reunion or an anniversary, a themed party can encourage guests to get more involved with the festivities. Here are a few different themed party ideas:

Favourite Characters

Party themes  based on a favourite character from a movie or book allows guests the opportunity to be their favourite actor or character. Television shows and Disney characters are very popular, especially for children’s parties where characters such as Hannah Montana and characters from Transformers are frequently chosen. The party host should consider purchasing themed plates, hats and napkins to really complete the fun theme. A cake designed like the host’s favourite character makes for a great finishing touch.

Fancy Dress Themes

These types of parties are popular amongst adults. A Hawaiian theme really adds a sense of the tropical as guests dress up in bright, festive clothing and grass skirts and don funky leis.

Fruity punches and brightly coloured cocktails add to the vibrancy of the theme and if there is a swimming pool available, a pool party is a good idea. Serve fresh fruit in the hollows of coconuts and pineapples and have rhythmical Hawaiian music playing in the background.


A decade party theme is always fun. Choose the ‘80s for vibrant stockings and big hair and some really fun music or the roaring ‘20s for a more sophisticated affair. Decorate your space according to the decade and play music of that era too for fun memories and forgotten dance moves. Invite guests to dress accordingly and have movies from the decade playing in the background. A fun trivia contest can be held about facts from that time with prizes to be won.


Holiday themed parties are a festive way to celebrate a particular time of year with friends and family. Decorate according to the holiday and send out themed invitations. Serve food that’s appropriate for the time of year, such as heart shaped chocolates for Valentine’s Day, green cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day or pumpkin fritters for Halloween.

Murder Mystery

A murder mystery adds a sense of thrill to a dinner party. Ask guests to dress up from Dr. Watson’s era and play a game of “whodunnit” after dinner. A professional company can even be hired to host the mystery evening, along with props and costumes.

A themed party adds festivity and fun to any occasion and allows guests to get into the spirit of the theme wholeheartedly.

Fancy dress fantastic

There are few things that are as much fun in life as shopping for fancy dress outfits for a special event or party. There is something about the human condition that causes us to fill with giddy excitement at a clothes rail of fancy dress costumes — no doubt in anticipation of the admiring eyes that will gaze on in approval of the effort that went into looking like a pirate.

When it comes to looking for fancy dress costume ideas , there is a world of wonderful characters — fictional and otherwise — that can be used as inspiration. Here’s a list of some fancy dress costume ideas that will make an instant impact at a party.

Real life is often mundane enough without turning up to the party dressed as someone you see every day in the street. Get into the spirit of the occasion by dressing as a superhero from a comic book or television show. This works well for both men and women. For girls looking for something sexy and eye-catching, opt for Catwoman or the Black Widow from the Avengers movie. Scarlett Johansson eat your heart out. For men, there is an endless cast of superhero characters to choose from: Spiderman , Batman, the Hulk and Superman all make for party favourites.

1980s fancy dress
The 1980s are where it’s at these days, and when looking for cheap fancy dress options it’s the decade that keeps on giving. From crimped hair and neon sweatbands, to leg warmers and skinny jeans, it’s an instantly recognisable look, and one that — most people — can remember the first time around. This is especially good for parties that involve lots of dancing, as inevitably the playlist will switch to 1980s favourites as the night progresses.

A man — or woman — in uniform
There are few things that excite a crowd like a uniform. Whether it’s a member of the emergency services or a naughty nurse, fancy dress shops up and down the country are well stocked with costumes that pay tribute to our uniformed professionals. This is a costume choice that often reflects the secret childhood career ambitions of the wearer and is fun because of the various accessories that accompany the look. Just be careful where you leave the handcuffs.

Horror fancy dress
For many of us, Halloween is the one time of year we get invited to a fancy dress party. On this holiday of ghosts and ghouls, it seems fitting to dress the part. There is an array of wonderfully spooky fancy dress costumes available, from zombies  and witches to vampires and skeletons. Moreover, with so many television series based around the paranormal, there are plenty of ideas to be mined from your favourite book or television show. Harry Potter fans might fancy a spell as their favourite boy wizard, while Twilight fans might prefer to cast themselves as a vampire or werewolf for the evening.

Across the decades
There’s more to 20th-century history than the 1980s. The 1920s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s all had distinctive and easily recognisable styles, from the flappers of the 1920s to the groovy, bell-bottomed hippies of the 1960s. The 1970s were all about bad moustaches  and heavily coiffured hairstyles, while in the 1950s poodle skirts and leather jackets were all the rage.