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We’ve finally managed to drag ourselves kicking and screaming into the 21st Century and now have a Twitter account and a Facebook page.  We’ve been trading online since May 2000 it’s rather embbarassing that it has taken us so long to embrace social media or should that be #socialmedia ?  Anyway, Follow Us on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook and hopefully you’ll enjoy the read and take advantage of the exclusive offers on there.

Cartoon Party

Escape from reality with your childhood memories.
Bored with being a grown up? Then why not have a Cartoon Character themed fancy dress party to nurture your inner child. Everyone has their favourite character – no matter how old they are.
For the ladies, may we suggest a few ideas from the world of Disney – Alice in Wonderland, Minnie Mouse, Belle, Belle or Tinkerbell? The guys could grab themselves a more comedic Daffy Duck, Tweety Pie, Scooby Doo or Tom the cat. We have a huge range of fully licensed costumes from Disney, Hanna-Barbera, BBC, Marvel, and Warner Brothers which will transform you in an instant.
For those of you on a tighter budget, browse through our fancy dress theme sections and get some inspiration – a Caveman costume for a budding Captain Caveman, Pocahontas the Indian squaw, Betty Boo the original 1920’s heroine, or maybe you’ve always wanted to be the ticking Crocodile from Peter Pan or one of the 101 Dalmatians – or even the Donkey from Shrek?
You can decorate your party room like Yosemite Sam with some Wild West saloon bar scene setters and add-ons. A quick and simple way to decorate your party area.

Celebrating with St. Trinians Fancy Dress

Parties are the occasions that enable you to wear those dresses that you craved to wear for a long time. One dress among them is the school girl costume. Many have very good memories of their school days and long to wear a uniform in their current age. This longing for the costume has made it a theme in several parties. Transform yourself in to a school girl and enjoy the life of being a mischievous student by bending some of the school rules with a party.
To go to a party that has St. Trinians Fancy Dress  as its theme pamper yourself with a array of costumes such as preppy school girl costume, school girl dresses, St. Trinian’s costume – the classic look, St. Trinian’s costume, St. Trinian’s flame costume and St. Trinian’s posh totty costume. Look sexy and elegant and revive your good old school going feel and feel high. Knock all the barriers and draw the attention of the crowd and join the band of school girls and rock the party.
Look and feel good in short skirts and dark coloured stockings and flaunt the style with confidence. Also pep up the costume with two sides plaited hair style or a pony tail or a pig tail that you might have worn during your smaller ages. You and your friends can acquire the costume at very low prices at any online stores or rent them at nominal charges and choose the one that fits you exactly.

by Peter Walker

Back to School

Hurrah! September has finally arrived, so why don’t you throw a Back to School Party to celebrate. School’s not just for kids – well, not in the world of party!
Mums are letting out huge sighs of relief as they label mountains of clothes – the marathon summer holidays are finally drawing to a close. Dads are busy planning how on earth their car boot will manage to contain all their soon-to-be uni students’ belongings on the long trip up the M1. Students are busy working out how much of their grants they can allocate to their party-funds without starving to death, and all the teachers and lecturers across the land are busy upping their caffeine intake to make it through until Half term!
Can’t decide on a date? Well, Friday nights are always a great ‘School’s Out’ night. However, the rebellious party-goers amongst you may revel in the idea of staying out past your curfew on a school night – Sundays just got interesting!
A traditional Back to School party generally contains an array of school-themed fancy dress costumes which include the school tie, shirt and skirt or trousers combo. Maybe a straw boater, mortar board and Headmasters Gown, or even the public schoolboy costume of a striped blazer, braces and cap. Pea shooters, catapults and schoolboy jokes are all the rage. Music is often retro, with the sounds of the 70s and 80s blaring out of the CD player or even a record player. Altogether now… ”Karma Karma Karma Karma, Karma Chameleon …” Proper old school!
What’s a record player? What’s a disco? What’s school?! If you are asking these questions, then maybe you need to bring your Skool Dayz Disco into the 21st century. Tweet your invites, download some kickin’ tunes onto your MP3 player, dock it to some wicked speakers and get those Grime beats pumping! Chav it up with short skirts over leggings, tattoos, trainers, bum-skimming trousers, back to front over-sized baseball caps, headphones or even a Vicky Pollard costume to add some extra ‘flava’. Accessorise with some fake cigarettes or spliffs, grab some blinging chains and rings, and splurge on some flirty false eyelashes to attract the boy of your dreams.
However you choose to party, don’t forget those school days favourites – spin-the-bottle, French skipping, wedgie-pulling and necking behind the bike sheds – just make sure you don’t get caught or you’ll be in detention for a week.