Monthly Archives: January 2012

Beiber Fever reaches fever pitch

Justin Beiber hit our music charts in 2009 with his single ‘One Time’ and was an instant hit with kids and young girls across the UK. ‘Baby’ and ‘Never Say Never’ have been just as popular with his army of fans. Canadian Beiber recently became a victim of his own popularity as he was seiged by hysterical ’Beliebers’ at his hotel in Liverpool, with police preparing for a riot situation! Justin has been a busy young man his 3-D docu-movie ‘Never Say Never’ has just been released in cinemas nationwide and now he’s been epitomized at Madame Tussaud’s in London with his very own waxwork figure. We’re sure there’ll be a long queue of girls wanting their photo taken with the next best thing to the real thing. Justin Beiber really is taking the world by storm, and with the likes of Usher and Craig David appearing with him, he’s sure to be around for a long time to come.

The Gruffalo and The Zingzillas get Festival Fever!

Lulworth Castle in Dorset held its 4th Annual ‘Camp Bestival’ between July28th-31st 2011. The Jurassic coast extravaganza merges the festival atmosphere with the great British holiday. Four fun-filled days of music and entertainment will provide families with a scenic and exciting break. Panzee, Zak, Drum and Tang will perform their own mix of jazz, soul, samba and rock music. The Zingzillas are a favourite with young children who love their interactive approach to music. Joining The Zingzillas at the holiday hotspot will be another literary favourite – The Gruffalo and friends. The Gruffalo, fox, owl, mouse and snake proved to be a crowd pleaser among the throng of Bestival-goers at the 2010 event, so they are returning to Lulworth Castle with an exclusive live show. So get out your willies, pack your tent and camping stove and head down South for an unforgettable Summer experience. Don’t forget to pack some dressing up clothes for your little Valiant Knights and Medieval Princesses as the theme this year is ‘All Things Medieval’ with a Fancy Dress Parade and House of Fairy Tales on site.
Other big names performing at Camp Bestival this year include Blondie, Eliza Doolittle, ABC, House of Pain, Katy B, The English National Ballet, Sooty, Sweep and Soo and the unforgettable Mr. Tumble.