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The 1970s was a time of big hair and even bigger flares. This iconic decade makes the ideal theme for a fabulous party. So dig out your lava lamps and glitter balls and get this 70s party started.
What to wear
Disco divas and dancing dudes
The Seventies was the disco decade. A long, layered blonde bouffant flick wig (a la Farrah Fawcett) or Dancing Queen wig (a la Abba’s Agnetha) is the perfect starting point for a disco diva look. Teamed it with a glitzy satin jumpsuit and a sparkly silver sequinned hat and freak out to Chic.
An outrageous afro wig or BeeGees wig creates a great 70s party look for men, teamed with an open-necked psychedelic print shirt stuffed with a curly chest wig (eeuw ladies) and a shiny gold medallion . Add a generous splash of Old Spice and some flares and you’re ready to swing your pants.
70s music icons
Channel the outrageous style of 70s rockers like Kiss and Alice Cooper in a Seventies rocker costume . Grab the attention of your fellow party guests in a crazy black and silver jumpsuit with tabard, cuffs and bootcovers.
Punk it up like Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten in a Mohican wig , punk specs , rubber spiked choker and bracelet  and punky tartan trousers  covered in zips with braces hanging down. Punk is all about stirring things up so add your own seriously bad attitude and turn the Sex Pistols up to 11.
Village People
This iconic band sums up the spirit of the 70s. Fun, outrageous, and more than a little bit silly. A Village People biker costume  comes complete with black leather-look jacket/top, chaps, biker hat and even the chain and harness. Or camp it up in a construction worker costume or cowboy outfit . Don’t forget that Seventies tash !
Young man, there’s no need to feel down in a Village People bike cop costume , which will have you sporting beige and black shirt and trousers, motorcycle helmet, belt and bootcovers.
You’ll look like you’re in the Navy, you’ve just come ashore and you’re looking for a party if you’re wearing a Village People Navy costume , camped right up in a white and navy top, trousers and authentic-looking sailor’s hat.
70s Psychedelia
Psychedelia lasted beyond the 60s to heavily influence fashion in the Seventies too. A psychedelia costume for women  has to be bold, bright, fringed and with outrageously flared trousers. Cover your own locks with a groovy wig and add some round specs  for a really retro hippy look.
A 70s wig and tash is the obligatory starting point for a hip dude, set off with a rainbow print tunic, flares and headband . A fake giant spliff is optional!
70s Cop
Somebody call the cops, there’s some serious crimes against fashion being committed at a 70s party near you. Your genuine 70s cop fancy dress kit needs a tight t-shirt, gun slung into an across-the-body holster, shades, big curly black wig, sexy (?) sideburns and tash. Why not throw on a goldie-looking medallion  for a big nod to the macho 70s male?
by Peter Walker

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